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Using the MMCD Website

Logging into the Website

How do I create a user account?

To create a new account, giving you access to purchase documents and utilize other MMCD resources, go to the top right of the MMCD website and select 'MyCDABC'. 

You will see the following text on the page:

Follow the link to submit your information. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a link - click the link to verify your account. Now you're ready to start exploring the site!

How do I reset my login details?

Forgot your password? No problem!

  • Go to the "MyMMCD" link at the top right hand corner of the website. Once you click on this, you will see the login screen.
  • Click on the link at the bottom depending on whether or not you forgot your password or your email.
  • If you forgot your password, you will be prompted to enter your email address and an email will be sent to you to reset your password.
  • If you forgot your email, click on the "email" link at the bottom of the login page and the website will prompt you to provide some information. The database will then be searched to look for information which links with that particular information. After this, follow the appropriate prompts.


Browsing the MMCD Website

Why is the website not performing as expected (browser issues)?

One of the reasons that the website may not be performing optimally is due to the fact that you may be browsing the website on an outdated version of a browser. To offer the latest (and slickest) web experience for our members and visitors, we have configured the website to run on current browser versions.

Updating your browser is free!

Check out some of the available browsers (free downloads):

Not sure what browser you're using? Use this tool to find out!



General Membership Information

When does the membership year run?

The MMCD year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

If I become a part-way through the year, will my dues be pro-rated?

Only new Sponsoring members are eligible for pro-rated dues. All other membership types, and Sponsoring members who are renewing, must pay the full annual membership fee for January 1 - December 31.

New Sponsoring Members Pro-Rated Dues Schedule 2014



Population Size






0 to 25,000

25,000 to 50,000

50,000 to 100,000

100,000 to 200,000

200,000 +


$ 540

$ 1365.00

$ 2700.00

$ 3785

$ 6762.00


$ 495

$ 1251.25

$ 2475.00

$ 3469.58

$ 6198.50


$ 450

$ 1137.50

$ 2250.00

$ 3154.16

$ 5635.00


$ 405

$ 1023.75

$ 2025.00

$ 2838.74

$ 5071.50


$ 360

$ 910.00

$ 1800.00

$ 2523.32

$ 4508.00


$ 315

$ 796.25

$ 1575.00

$ 2207.90

$ 3944.50


$ 270.00

$ 682.50

$ 1350.00

$ 1892.48

$ 3381.00


$ 225.00

$ 568.75

$ 1125.00

$ 1577.06

$ 2817.50


$ 180.00

$ 455.00

$ 900.00

$ 1261.64

$ 2254.00


$ 135.00

$ 341.25

$ 675.00

$ 946.22

$ 1690.50


$ 90.00

$ 227.50


$ 630.80

$ 1127.00


$ 45.00

$ 113.75

$ 225.00

$ 315.38

$ 563.50

*prices do not include GST

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership benefits vary by category for Sponsoring, Supporting and Associate members. 

Sponsoring Members

  • One free set of MMCDA Platinum Volume I & II documents (hard copy)
  • One free set of MMCDA Platinum eBooks
  • 50% off MMCDA publications
  • 30% off MMCDA course registrations
  • Free access to MMCDA webinars
  • Free Certified Contract Administration (CCA) continuing education
  • Free access to online resources (including past webinar presentations)
  • Unlimited access to the MMCDA forums

Supporting Members

  • 25% off MMCD publications
  • 20% off of course registrations
  • Free access to webinars
  • 25% off Contract Administration (CCA) continuing education
  • Free access to online resources (including past webinar presentations)
  • Unlimited access to the MMCDA forums

Associate Members

  • 10% off MMCD publications
  • 10% off of course registrations
  • Free access to webinars>
  • 10% off Contract Administration (CCA) continuing education
  • Free access to online resources (including past webinar presentations)
  • Unlimited access to the MMCDA forums



Design Guideline Manual (2014)

Can I print the Design Guideline Manual without the "Printed from MMCD..." watermark across the pages?

No, it is not possible to print without the watermark. The watermark is embedded in printed pages to identify the version of the Design Guidelines from which it is extracted; and to remind users that the content is subject to copyright. The version identification is necessary because periodic updates will be issued to license holders, including new material as it becomes available. Printed copies from superseded versions might omit corrections or extensions of the text made by subsequent versions of the electronic document.

Persons using a printed copy only, therefore, need to be aware of the version number of the license, so they can check if they are referring to the current version of the document; or whether their (dated) copy should be discarded.

The Design Guidelines are intended to be a reference document, rather than a source of extracts, for bylaws, procurement or policy papers. As with Volume I and Volume II of the MMCD documents, the reference rather than the text can be used in specifications, etc.

Will there be a hard copy edition of the Design Guideline Manual?

No, MMCD will license electronic copies only. Those persons wishing for a hard copy can simply print the sections of interest from their electronic copy. There is a net saving of energy and material from using digital editions, and the electronic features of searchable text and linkages to reference sites is advantageous to the designer who wants more in-depth information.

Why was a new edition of the Design Guideline Manual published?

The new Design Guidelines include more discussion on general design philosophy as well as considerations of sustainability. Many of the reference specifications and guidelines have evolved since the first edition of the Design Guidelines. Section 8 of the new Design Guidelines supersedes the 2005 MMCD “Green Guidelines” and includes discussion of roads as well as utilities.


General Document Information

What is the difference between the Gold Edition and the Platinum Edition?

In transitioning from Gold to Platinum we have prepared a checklist for you to ensure the smoothest process possible.

Please see our website for a complete guide to changes to the specifications and general conditions.

You can also watch a video guide to the changes here.

What is the most recent MMCD document available?

The most recent edition of documentation is the Platinum Edition released in 2009. There are two volumes that are part of the Platinum Edition. Volume I is the User Guide and Volume II contains the standard specifications and detailed drawings.

Where can I get the Gold Edition (2000)?

Gold Volume II is no longer available in print as we have sold all of the remaining copies. We will not be reproducing a new print run of the documents as there is not a great enough demand for this and the documents are now out of date as we have transitioned into Platinum. We recommend checking your local library or with your municipality.  

We do not offer the Gold edition of the documents electronically as we introduced our digital copies with the publication of the Platinum Edition. 

I found an error in one of MMCD's documents. How do I report it?

We welcome any notifications of errors in the documents. Please send a detailed description providing:

  • The document edition
  • The volume of the document
  • The section where the error is believed to be
  • A detailed explanation of why you believe you've found an error

These can be sent to


Electronic Documents (eDocuments)

When trying to read my edocument, I get an error message telling me to close my screensharing/screencasting software. What do I do?

Please hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and start your task manager. If you look under the ‘Processes’ tab, you may have something running called ‘onenotem.exe’. This is what may be causing the error message. Please end that process and then attempt to reopen the file viewer and document.

What do I do if I cannot open the document which I have purchased?

The most common scenarios for licenses and documents no longer working are listed below. Before contacting our office, see if any of the following reflect your situation. This will help us in rectifying your issue with more ease and timeliness. 

  1. You recently switched computers of reformatted your computer.
    If you have recently switched computers or have reformatted your computer, your license will no longer be accessible. A license can only be installed once - it cannot be reinstalled. To resolve this issue, simply call our office and we will deactivate your old license and send you a new one. You will need to reinstall the documents at this point.

  2. You installed the documents on a company server.
    Licenses are good for a single computer only, and cannot be installed on a shared company drive. If you have accidentally installed the license to a server, please delete the file and contact our office. We will need to distribute a new license to you which must be installed on your local drive.

  3. Someone in your office purchased the documents and now you cannot access them.
    Licenses can only be installed on one computer. It is common that people leave the company and the computer that they installed the documents on is either no longer used, or no longer the computer that the documents need to be accessed from. If this is the case, please contact the office and have the name of the person on hand who would've previously had access to the documents. We have the ability to disable to document that was purchased and redistribute a new one. Keep in mind that if the license is disabled, the computer which it was previously installed to will no longer have access to it. 

Can my company or office share a document?

Electronic documents are licensed to one computer only, and cannot be installed on a company's server for sharing. If you have installed it on a company server and are no longer able to access it due to licensing restrictions, please contact our office for further instruction. You will need to delete the file on the server and a new license will need to be issued and installed on your local drive.

At this time we do not offer licenses that can be utilized by an entire office or shared, however, we do offer bulk licensing prices if you purchase more than one license at the same time.

Are eBooks automatically updated when supplementaries are released?

This is definitely something which would be useful and we had considered. However, the MMCDA Document is a legal document which has specifications adopted by municipalities and incorporated into their bylaws. For this reason, all supplementaries are held seperate from the original document itself so that in referencing the specifications, if a municipality or district has not approved the supplementaries, the original specifications are not "missing" from the document. 
To answer your question, the supplementaries must be printed out and incorporated and a city, municipality, company, etc. must decide which supplementaries to adopt. The MMCD makes every effort to notify members on our mailing list when new supplementaries are released. 



Where can I find the supplementaries?

On the MMCD website you will see the menu heading "Documents". If you expand this selection you will see "Supplementary Updates" in the list of options. Supplementary updates for all editions are listed on this page. 

I have noticed an error in one of the documents. How do I report it?

If you have noticed an error in one of documents or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to pass them along to us. In order to expedite the review process for our Board and Committees, please be sure to include the following when you send us an email to

  1. Your name and contact information (including email & phone number)
  2. The edition that you are submitting a supplementary for (Gold, Platinum)
  3. The volume that the error, correction or improvement currently resides in
  4. The exact reference number, section or page you wish to report a correction for.
  5. A detailed account of your suggestions.

Please be aware that although we review and consider all submissions, depending on their validity determined by the Board or appropriate Committees, they may or may not be incorporated as a supplementary. We appreciate all suggestions in an effort to make the MMCD documents better. 


Courses and Training


How do webinars work?

Webinars are online, live presentations you can attend simply by logging in from your home or office. They are an excellent way to pursue continuing education and receive the latest MMCD updates. Webinars are free for MMCD members to attend.

After you register, you will receive email instructions on how to log in to the webinar approximately one day before the event. You will need to test your connection to ensure that you do not experience any issues during the live event.

During the event, you'll simply need to follow a link, enter the username and password (provided to you the day before) and watch the presentation. MMCD webinars typically take place at 12 noon and last one hour.

I attended a webinar, can I watch a recording?

Recordings of webinars are a benefit of membership. As a non-member, even if you paid to watch the live presentation, you would not have access to these recordings. For members looking to access these presentations, please visit the resources section of our website. You will be required to login to view them and confirm your membership.


Superintendent Course

What is the Superintendent Course and where can I get more information about it?

The MMCD is the contract of choice of most BC municipalities. Therefore, construction superintendents should know the responsibilities and advantages that flow from the documents. By attending this course, you will better appreciate how the MMCD contract works and how you can improve your chances of making or saving money. 

Some BC municipalities are moving towards contract requirements for superintendents to be Gold Seal qualified. The MMCD Superintendent Course may help with this Gold Seal requirement. 


Contract Considerations Videos

What are the Contract Consideration videos?

The MMCD Contract Consideration video series is designed to provide you with an easy-to-follow introduction to using the MMCD documents. The videos are presented by Brian Weeks and are released periodically on the MMCD YouTube channel. They are free to view.


Still have questions? Contact us directly by email at or call us at 604-601-5103.

Industry News

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ASTM: Road & Paving

ASTM: Plastic Pipe

The members of the MMCDA have taken care in preparing these documents, but neither the members nor the MMCDA accepts any liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person or corporation as a result of the use of the documents. These documents are made available without representation by the MMCDA or its members as to the appropriateness of their use in any particular situation and issued on the strict understanding that each user accepts full responsibility for their use.