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2015 Metro Vancouver Transit Plebiscite - Statement from BC Roadbuilders

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Burnaby, BC – The BC Road Builders were very disappointed as we learned the results of the Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum. The no vote means many critical transportation projects will be delayed or cancelled due to lack of funding.

Jack Davidson, President of the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association expressed the Association’s views stating:

"Gridlock and congestion have a negative impact on our economy, environment and quality of life. Efficient, reliable core infrastructure allows our businesses to be competitive, create jobs and contribute to a strong economy. We need a strong economy so government is able to deliver the important services we all depend on such as healthcare, education and social services. Without funding for efficient modern infrastructure, we will be taking a step backwards and putting at risk a prosperous future for ourselves and our future generations."

The BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association was formed in 1966 and advocates for the development of a balanced, safe transportation system and highways infrastructure that sustains and promotes provincial economic growth. The Association represents more than 250 firms involved in grading, asphalt and concrete manufacturing, paving, utility construction, road and bridge building/maintenance, blasting, as well as related goods and services suppliers.

For more information, please contact:
Jack Davidson, President
BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association | T: 604.436.0220

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