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2019 MMCD Edition (Coming Soon!)

NOTE: MMCD 2019 Edition is currently available for pre-order, with the full release coming in the early fall.

2019 MMCD is the latest and greatest version of our standard documents. This edition contains all content from our previous MMCD Platinum Vol. II, plus new updates, ammendments and a host of new detailed images to help clients understand, address and solve problems.

The new documents are also smaller in size - allowing users to print pages from the e-documents onto standard letter-size pages, saving time and paper.

The 2019 MMCD is the only document we currently offer as a cloud-based Server Edition.

2019 MMCD Server Edition

This latest update to the MMCD documents is all about bringing MMCD to our clients—wherever you are. Accessibility and flexibility are at the core of the 2019 MMCD Server Edition, and this new digital-first approach caters to the realities of working on modern municipal infrastructure projects.

2019 Server Edition allows teams to save their MMCD documents on a shared server and access them from wherever they’re working. We’ve heard from our membership that the current single-computer licensing system is restrictive—especially for large organizations who often work across the province. This new, subscription-based document helps teams work in an increasingly digital age, especially as more of us work remotely.

Note: There is a 50% discount for teams that purchase 12 or more Server Edition seats.

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2019 MMCD Server Edition

$40 per seat per year $50 per seat per year  $60 per seat per year $80 per seat per year
2019 MMCD Print Edition $80 $120 $140 $160
2019 MMCD Desktop License $80 $120 $140 $160
2019 MMCD Mobile License $80 $120 $140 $160











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