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The MMCDA Asset Management Data Register (AMDR) Project was designed to introduce much needed standardization to the way in which MMCDA members work with infrastructure data. 

The two core components of the MMCDA AMDR project are:

  • Infrastructure Data Schema (IDS) that includes standards for feature naming conventions, physical description attributes, and attributes required for infrastructure lifecycle management. The MMCDA IDS is PSAB3150 compliant, open source and suitable for use by infrastructure data technologies used by BC local governments and the consultants that serve them. The AMDR will reduce practitioner redundancy when creating, managing, aggregating and reporting on infrastructure data
  • Infrastructure Data Management Utility (IDMU), developed using Microsoft Access, is based on the MMCDA Infrastructure Data Schema.  The Infrastructure Data Management Utility can be used by BC local governments to create, manage and report on infrastructure data in a manner that is consistent and compliant with TCA reporting

The development of MMCDA AMDR schema has been a collaborative effort with input from several BC local governments. The schema incorporates infrastructure types referenced by standard MMCDA construction documents/specifications and includes Storm Drainage, Sanitary Sewers, Water Distribution and Transportation & Electrical. This project is the first step in a continuing process required to address ongoing economic, social and safety challenges associated with our deteriorating infrastructure, and growing infrastructure deficit.

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