Master Municipal Construction Document Association

Checklist and Changes Guide - Platinum Edition

In transitioning from Gold to Platinum we have prepared a checklist for you to ensure the smoothest process possible.

What has changed in the Platinum Edition?

Sections Re-Numbered to MasterFormat®

The Sections in the Platinum Edition have been changed to align with the National Master Specifications (MasterFormat®). 

Make sure you update your existing supplementary specifications and bylaws to reference new specification numbers.

Changes to Specifications

For a listing of changes to specifications, click on the appropriate link below: 

Changes to Specifications
Additions to Specifications

Please note that additional specification changes post-publication can be found under the category "Platinum Supplementary Updates" below.

Changes to General Conditions

To view the changes made to the General Conditions from the Gold to the Platinum Edition click on the link below: 

Changes to General Conditions

Video Guide to the Changes

In this video, David Chan shares a detailed discussion of the differences between the Platinum Edition and the Gold Edition, how to plan for the transition, and an introduction to the new electronic version of the specifications.

View the video here.

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