Master Municipal Construction Document Association

Changes to General Conditions


General Condition
GC 1.38 General Overheads
GC 1.41 Lower Threshold Percentage
GC 1.42 Lower Adjustment Limit Value
GC 1.56 Quality Assurance
GC 1.57 Quality Control
GC 1.74 Upper Adjustment Limit Value
GC 1.75 Upper Threshold Percentage


General Condition Change Summary
GC 1.76 Variance Threshold Percentage Is being defined and referenced here to conform to the “say it once” principal.
GC 10.1.1 b i) Markup Is now permitted on Contractor owned equipment if the unit rate is based on the Approved Equipment Rental Rate Guide; the MoT “Blue Book” is no longer being referenced.
GC 13.9.1 a) Clarification that liquidated damages is being counted based on “working days” vs “calendar days”.
GC 18.9.3 Waiver of Owner Claims The words “prior to the application” were changed to “prior to the issuance” to accurately reflect the condition triggering the bar on further Owner claims.
GC 21.2.1 Is being revised to better define the role of “Prime Contractor” and the extent of the responsibility.
“Abnormal Weather” Is defined as weather condition that affects the Place of the Work, that is more severe or of a longer duration than the weather conditions that a person experienced with the Place of the Work would reasonably anticipate and that has a materially adverse effect on the Contractor’s performance of the Work.
GC 13.4.4 Introduces language for Unforeseeable Market Conditions, which entitles the Contractor to request unit price review.

For example, 3 months after Hurricane Katrina, the PVC pipes were in short supply, which could trigger this new clause.
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