Master Municipal Construction Document Association

Platinum Edition Checklist

The following checklist has been prepared in order assist you in the transition from the Gold Edition of MMCD Document to the Platinum Edition.

  1. Explore the MMCD website for background information: There are various resources available on the website to gain an understanding of the benefits and process differences when working with the MMCD.
  2. Identify the needs of your users: The MMCD Platinum Edition is available in both electronic and hard copy. Evaluate your environment and determine the best application of the MMCD tools. Please note that MMCD electronic documents are licensed to one computer and cannot be installed on a server.
  3. Evaluate training needs: Review the available training to understand the support which MMCD provides.
  4. Review supporting documentation: Determine whether the version of any reference specification held (or used) by the document author is the current edition.
  5. Review Legislation: Determine if any legislation (subdivision control bylaws, for instance) conflict with or use the MMCD standards.
  6. Identify contractors: Determine which contractors are potential MMCD project bidders and advise them of the conversion date for future contracts.
The members of the MMCDA have taken care in preparing these documents, but neither the members nor the MMCDA accepts any liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person or corporation as a result of the use of the documents. These documents are made available without representation by the MMCDA or its members as to the appropriateness of their use in any particular situation and issued on the strict understanding that each user accepts full responsibility for their use.