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Certified Contract Administration

Why should I use a Certified Contract Administrator?

Certified Contract Administrators undergo rigorous pre-qualification, training and examination. They earn credibility, add credentials to their resumes and enhance their professional status.

Certified Contract Administrators show employers that they seek to learn and perform a better job, thereby improving chances for assignments to more interesting or complex work. This benefits employers, clients and the public by making project delivery more successful and structures the process with established procedures and appropriate documents.

What are the benefits to owners?

  • Reduce management time commitments, leading to lower direct and overhead costs;
  • Minimize disputes and unwarranted claims for extra money and time to completion;
  • Improve good will among owners, Contract Administrators and contractors;
  • Reduce contract costs through widely accepted and efficient techniques, fair to all concerned and legally robust.

What are the benefits to contractors?

  • Show fairness and timeliness in dealing with all site related, compensation and other issues;
  • Guarantee certainty and consistency in administrative procedures during the contract and consistent fair treatment in each contract

Where can I find a list of Certified Contract Administrators?

Follow the link to search a list of the current Certified Contract Administrators.

Please note if you are a CCA and see that your information is outdated, please login to your MMCDA account or notify our office to make adjustments. This list is updated approximately twice a year following the rounds of examinations after spring and fall courses.

Taking the Certified Contract Administration Course

What topics are covered in the Contract Administration Course?

  • Background of the MMCDA; the basic MMCD philosophies, consequences, benefits, suitability, differences from past practices, risk transference limitations
  • C Admin Integrity: avoiding Conflict of Interest
  • Pre-Contract: Tender preparation, supplementaries, applying contract law, document classes, issuance procedure, closing procedure, review of tenders, award procedure
  • Communication and Documentation: Importance of timeliness, completeness, disclosure, legal relationships
  • Documents: Hierarchy, disclosure, supplementaries, specifications
  • Role of the C Admin and Inspectors: (limitations on authority; independence: when (not) to step in; WCB responsibilities; record keeping; meeting management)
  • Role of the Contractor: competency; responsibility; safety, environment; owner assistance
  • Schedules: types, limitations; enforcement; delays; liquidated damages
  • Changes and Extras: Difference and implications; payment and force account; hazardous materials
  • Payments: Quantity measurement; monthly, substantial, final; holdback; offset; waivers; quantity variations; force account work; Builders Lien Act responsibilities
  • Disputes: Role of C Admin throughout; implication of relationship with designer
  • Post Contract Duties: Maintenance period; early use of work, releases, record drawings

How much does the Contract Administration Course Cost?

Course fees include copies of the MMCD Platinum Books (Volume I & II), breakfast and lunch:

$800.00 - Non Member 
$722.00 - Associate Member 
$640.00 - Supporting Member 
$560.00 - Sponsoring Member 
(plus GST)

Note: The MMCD CCA Exam is $100 + GST in addition to the fee listed above


When is the next Contract Administration Course?

The listing of all of our currently available courses are in our Events Calendar. If there is nothing listed in the calendar, there are no courses currently available to attend.

What pre-qualifications are required to write the Certified Contract Administration Exam?

To ensure Certified Contract Administrators (C Admin) have practical experience, not just academic qualifications, the MMCDA has set the following standards for those wishing to write the Certified Contract Administrators examination:

  • P.Eng., EIT or AScT registration or a minimum of 5 years of relevant field construction experience
  • Documented field administrative experience and duties at least three projects using MMCD documents with a construction value of $500,000 or more
  • References (communicated directly to MMCDA) to verify responsibility and duties from:
    • An owner's representative supervising the candidate's duties on one or more MMCD projects;
    • A contractor's representative who worked with the candidate on one or more MMCD contracts;
    • Current employer's verification of contract management duties and assignment.

Candidate credentials will be verified prior to the examination and those who meet the criteria will be advised and placed on the eligible list.

What is the process for registering for the MMCD CCA Examination?

1. Pay for the examination online: When you go to register online for the appropriate course location, be sure to select the option which reads "+ exam".

2. Submit your student profile & examination references: Submit both your student profile (download here) AND written references to the MMCDA office so we can consider your qualifications for writing the exam after you have taken the course. Your student profile is a fillable PDF form (use the spaces provided to fill in on the computer and save the document). Please do not scan this document or print it and fill it out by hand as we have had difficulty with illegible writing in the past. 

Your references must follow the below guidelines. Note that failure to submit this documentation will result in ineligibility to write the examination.

  • Your references (minimum of three) must provide a letter outlining the project name, project value, date of project, description of applicant's role in the project, a brief description of the project, and the contact information for the refererence (phone number and email).
  • References should be in Word or PDF format on company letterhead.
  • Please collect all of your references and submit them all at one time to the office with the subject link of the email as follows: "Your Student Name Here (First & Last Name): References for CA Examination".

3. Wait for confirmation on your approval to write the examination: The MMCDA office will forward your references to be reviewed to the Board of Directors. Please be patient while these are being reviewed. You will generally hear back from the office within two weeks - barring exceptional circumstances.

4. Submit your Proctor Qualification Form: When you have been approved to write the examination, you will be sent a Proctor Qualification Form by the office, where you can notify us of your Proctor and the date you wish to write the exam. If you do not receive a Proctor form upon notice of your approval, please contact and request one.

This form needs to be filled out, attached to an email, and returned to the MMCD office via email. Please note this form is an electronic fillable PDF - use the spaces provided to type in your information and save the document. Please do not print out the document or scan it as we have had difficulty with ilegibility in the past.

5. Await receipt of your examination: Approximately three days before you are due to write your exam, your Proctor will receive your exam via courier. Please ensure that the address supplied for the Proctor is one where a courier delivery can be accepted during business hours.

What should I know before I write the examination?

  • Qualified candidates are given four hours to write the examination.
  • The examination is open book with any non-electronic reference material permitted.
  • During the examination, all candidates must be supervised by a Proctor who will verify that the candidates comply with the examination rules and who will collect and send the examinations back to the MMCDA.
  • Examinations will be marked by the MMCDA. The passing grade is 75%. Candidates who pass the examination and who satisfy all the other criteria will receive a certificate from MMCDA.
  • Candidates who do not attain 75% will be so advised, and given suggestions for areas of remedial study.
  • These candidates are eligible to attend another Certified Contract Administrator course at no charge within two years and/or to rewrite the examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

I failed the CCA examination. Can I write it again?

It is MMCDA's policy that if you fail the examination you have two years from the date of your last exam sitting to rewrite.

If you fail the examination, you can rewrite the examination and retake the Contract Administration Course once at no cost. Please contact the office if you fit into this category.

I submitted my references for the exam. When will I hear back as to whether I'm eligible to write?

Depending on when you submit your references to the office, you will generally hear back from us within two weeks as to whether or not you are eligible to write the examination. 

Please note that references do take some time to review so we appreciate your patience while this process is taking place.

How much does the Contract Administration Exam Cost?

The Certified Contract Administration Examination is $100 + GST - regardless of your membership type.

Pay for the exam here.

If I don't have the required experience for the exam, can I write it later?

If you take the Contract Administration Course and would like to defer writing the examination to a later time when you gain more contract experience, that is fine. Please note however, that the MMCD CCA Examination must be taken within one year of taking the Contract Administration Course.

I want to take the Contract Administration Course but it is not being held in my area. What can I do?

MMCD conducts surveys on the most demanded locations for the course - this is how we determine where to hold them. 

If you would like a course held in your area, we will make an effort to accomodate your request. However, a minimum of 15 students is required for consideration.

What is the passing percentage for the CCA Examination?

  • The passing grade is 75%. Candidates who pass the examination and who satisfy all the other criteria will receive a certificate from MMCDA.
  • Candidates who do not attain 75% will be so advised, and given suggestions for areas of remedial study.
  • These candidates are eligible to attend another Certified Contract Administrator course at no charge within two years and/or to rewrite the examination.

How long is the course?

This course is available in two formats - full-day courses (two 8-hour days), or half-day courses (four 4-hour days). The half-day courses are offered either in-person or via webinar, allowing you to take the course from the comfort of your own desk.

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