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Introduction to MMCD

What is the Introduction to MMCD Course?

This four-hour video course provides a brief overview of the Master Municipal Construction Documents - focusing on the General Conditions. Those most likely to benefit from this course are people who have some construction experience with other contract formats, but who wish to know if the MMCD is appropriate for their needs or to learn what unique approaches it takes. Those who have no contracting experience will gain exposure to the structure and philosophy of one of the most accepted contract formats for municipal construction in BC. This course is not intended to provide in-depth training to create and tender an MMCD contract or to administer one in the field.

What are the learning outcomes of the course?

Attendees will learn about:

  • The development of the MMCD and how its success is measured.
  • When the MMCD is (and is not) an appropriate contract format to use.
  • Which documents the MMCD provides and where additions and modifications are necessary to assemble a complete tender package.
  • The background philosophies underlying the MMCD approach including:
    • Fairness
    • Risk allocation and mitigation
    • Dispute resolution options
    • Expectations for professionalism and teamwork
    • How the MMCD structures the roles of the major contract participants.
    • Significant items in the General Conditions including:
      • Changes vs. extra work vs.  quantity variations
      • Unforeseen conditions and hazardous materials
      • Force account work, record keeping requirements and payment calculations
      • Testing, quality control and quality assurance
      • Schedules, delays, acceleration, liquidated damages and force majeure
      • Prime Contractor and other safety obligations for both parties
      • Procedures for progress payments, substantial and total performance
      • Builders Lien obligations and waivers of claim for both parties
      • Warranties and maintenance period issues

How do I take the course?

We are pleased to offer this course online as a complimentary video series. View the course on our Video Resources page under 'MMCD Training Courses'.

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