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Superintendent Course

Superintendent Course

Who should attend the MMCD Superintendent Course?

This one-day course is specifically designed for contractors' field staff who do construction under MMCD contracts. It is focused on the needs of superintendents and field clerks but also includes pointers and suggestions for project managers and estimators. 

This course qualifies for one point in the CCA Gold Seal Program.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand how MMCD minimizes effort and reduces the chances of errors in tender preparation and bidding;
  • Understand how MMCD makes risk transference more obvious;
  • Learn some tips to reduce your construction and administration costs;
  • Recognize that the contract works well for both owners and contractors;
  • Better understand each party's obligations and entitlements;
  • Know how to recommend changes to the standard contract documents.

Why do I need this course?

The MMCD is the contract of choice of most BC municipalities. Therefore, construction superintendents should know the responsibilities and advantages that flow from the documents. By attending this course, you will better appreciate how the MMCD contract works and how you can improve your chances of making or saving money. 

Some BC municipalities are moving towards contract requirements for superintendents to be Gold Seal qualified. The MMCD Superintendent Course may help with this Gold Seal requirement. 

You need to attend this course if you are uncertain about:

  • the ways to minimize your risk-taking during bidding and construction;
  • the difference between a Change, Extra Work and Quantity Variation and how to cost each;
  • how to calculate allowable mark ups on Force Account work;
  • how to protect yourself when submitting a quotation for a Change or Extra;
  • what protection the contract provides against Concealed and Unknown Conditions and unexpected discovery of hazardous materials;
  • the contract procedures dealing with changes;
  • the contract procedures to fairly and quickly resolve disputes;
  • how you might inadvertently waive your right to make claims;
  • how some deadlines can cost you money while others can make you money;
  • how to argue for more time due to abnormal weather;
  • how to receive the incentives and avoid the penalties by doing a project right the first time;
  • that the MMCDA recommends as best practice for utility removal or co-ordination;
  • how to handle a request for Substantial Performance from your subs

What does it cost?

Prices for this course vary between membership types:

$595.00 - Non Member 
$530.50 - Associate Member 
$480.00 - Supporting Member 
$422.50 - Sponsoring Member 
(plus GST)

This includes breakfast & lunch, a Student Guide containing the course slides and reference information as well as a copy of a MMCD Platinum Edition - Volume II to take away from the course. Please note: costs may be subject to change.

How do I register?

This course is sponsored and conducted by the MMCD Association. You can check our event calendar, contact the office via email, or telephone 604.681.0295 for information on the next available course.

Where is it held?

We are happy to run this course anywhere in BC, as long as we have a minimum of 20 paid students.

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