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Contract Administration Course

Certified Contract Administrators guarantee fairness and consistency when overseeing an infrastructure project, benefiting owners, clients and the public. They are an integral part of every MMCD infrastructure project, and our degree of professionalism and training means that project stakeholders can rest assured knowing they are working with a dedicated, informed individual.

This course is typically run in Vancouver, but are happy to host the session anywhere in B.C. so long as we have a minimum of 20 students.

Why should I take the Contract Administration Course?

Our Contract Administration Course gives you all the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to effectively manage and oversee the drafting and implementation of an MMCD contract.

Boost your chances for assignments to more interesting or complex contracts by being the contract administration expert on your team. Getting certified doesn’t just benefit owners and developers, the CCA designation shows employers that you have the education, experience, and commitment to complete this challenging certification process.

The Contract Administration Course is offered in person or by webinar as two full-day (8-hour sessions).

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Learning Outcomes

  • Background of the MMCD Association
  • Contract Administrator Integrity: Avoiding Conflict of Interest
  • Pre-Contract: Tender preparation, supplementaries, applying contract law, document classes, issuance procedure, closing procedure, review of tenders, award procedure
  • Communication and Documentation: Importance of timeliness, completeness, disclosure, legal relationships
  • Documents: Hierarchy, supplementaries, specifications
  • Role of the Contract Administrator and Inspectors: Limitations on authority, independence, when (not) to step in, WCB responsibilities; record keeping; meeting management
  • Role of the Contractor: Competency, responsibility, safety, environment, owner assistance
  • Schedules: Types, limitations, enforcement, delays, liquidated damages
  • Changes and Extras: Difference and implications, payment and force account, hazardous materials
  • Payments: Quantity measurement, holdback, offset, quantity variations, force account work, Builders Lien Act responsibilities
  • Disputes: Role of Contract Administrator in disputes; implication of relationship with designer
  • Post Contract Duties: Maintenance period, early use of work, releases, record drawings.


Course Cost

Prices vary for membership types:

Sponsoring Member: $580.00
Supporting Member: $660.00
Associate Member: $742.00
Non-Member: $820.00

(plus GST)

Course fee includes a copy of the Course Binder. Meals are provided at in-person sessions.

Note: The MMCD CCA Exam is $100 + GST in addition to the fee listed above. Once you have completed a CCA course and gained practical experience, not just academic qualifications, please review and submit the Student Profile Form.

Download the Student Profile Form

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