Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

NEW MMCD 2019 Edition RFP Version

The MMCD documents as originally drafted were a full suite of documents intended for use through a competitive tender, leading to a formal construction contract. The suite included: Invitation to Tenderers; Instructions to Tenderers; Form of Tender; Agreement; General Conditions; Specifications and Standard Detail Drawings.

MMCD 2019 Edition RFP Version was created in response to increasing interest in using a “Request for Proposals” (RFP) procurement method. An RFP approach allows for more innovation to be invited from the bidders (or “proponents”) than can be easily permitted under the MMCD tender documents.

Some Benefits to Using the RFP Approach

-  Higher quality of work by engaging more qualified and/or experienced contractors.

-  Reduced disputes, claims and staff stress as a result of a more collaborative approach. The design and SoQP are reviewed in detail and adjusted if needed prior to signing the contract.

-  The process is non-binding and can be cancelled by either party.

-  If budget is an issue the scope can be adjusted and negotiated prior to award.

-  One can include a provision to negotiate additional similar work if performance and price is acceptable. 


While the differences between a Tender and an RFP relate to the procurement process, the end result is essentially the same – that is the execution of a construction contract.  In either method, upon award, the procurement documents drop off, leaving the construction contract as the record of the parties’ rights and obligations.

MMCD 2019 Edition RFP Version includes updates to the General Conditions as they apply to the RFP process, and a set of RFP forms, as follows:

(a)    the RFP replaces the Instructions to Tenderers, Parts I and II; and

(b)     the Form of Proposal replaces the Form of Tender.

The MMCD 2019 Edition RFP Version is available exclusively in electronic format – desktop, mobile, and server editions - and is priced the same as the MMCD 2019 Edition. The RFP Form of Proposal is available, free of charge, as fillable PDFs on the MMCD Forms and Templates Page.

Volume pricing is available on electronic editions when two or more copies are purchased at the same time. All copies must be ordered at the same time to receive this discount.

The members of the MMCDA have taken care in preparing these documents, but neither the members nor the MMCDA accepts any liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person or corporation as a result of the use of the documents. These documents are made available without representation by the MMCDA or its members as to the appropriateness of their use in any particular situation and issued on the strict understanding that each user accepts full responsibility for their use.