Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

Document Overview

The Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) provide a framework and foundation for municipal infrastructure projects. The MMCD General Conditions, Standard Specifications, and Standard Detail Drawings are widely recognized across British Columbia as benchmark tendering and contract administration tools for municipal infrastructure projects. Working with MMCD documents improves communication – and reduces disputes – between owners, contractors, and designers.

These documents represent thousands of hours of volunteer work by stakeholders with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in municipal infrastructure design and construction. The MMCD is a living document and the Board and committees are accountable to members and users to keep it current and relevant. Continuing development of the MMCD includes new and expanded editions of the document, new publications, training for users and referees, and research into new aspects of construction contracts.

Founded on three primary principles, the documents reflect the perspectives of government, consultants, contractors, and owners, combined to create a fair and equitable solution to this often-complex part of getting things done. 

Unity: The language was developed only through consensus of representatives of the three parties involved (owner, contractor, and consultant)

Objectivity: The documents were created under a mandate for fairness to all parties

Accessibility: The documents are easy to understand and to use


2019 MMCD Edition RFP Version

The RFP Version of the 2019 Edition was created in response to increasing interest in the Request for Proposals method of procurement. will be the latest and greatest version of our standard documents. This edition contains all content from the 2019 Edition, with updated language and definitions for Request for Proposals. Offered exclusively in digital format, including single-user licenses and a cloud-based Server Edition.

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2019 MMCD Edition 

2019 MMCD will be the latest and greatest version of our standard documents. This edition contains all content from our previous MMCD Platinum Vol. II, plus new updates, amendments and a host of new detailed images to help clients understand, address and solve problems. 2019 Edition was the first document offered as a cloud-based Server Edition.

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Design Guidelines 2022

The Municipal Infrastructure Design Guideline Manual provides a standardized set of guidelines that can be adopted by municipalities and other agencies involved with design and construction of municipal infrastructure. Extensively reviewed and updated by engineering firm, Aplin & Martin Consultants, the 2022 edition incorporates updates to the stormwater and climate change sections, and updated external linkages to various standards and government resources. The Design Guideline is now offered in a Server Edition!

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MMCD Platinum Edition (2009)

The MMCD Platinum Volume I & II were published in 2009. Supplemental updates to the Platinum documents have been published through 2019. The Platinum Edition electronic versions will be available for purchase until 2024. Note: The Platinum MMCD eBook cannot be saved on shared company servers. Licenses are available on a per device basis.

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Gold Edition (2000)

The Gold Edition of the MMCD Documents was published in 2000 and is no longer available for purchase. The updated version of these documents is currently the Platinum Edition. However, various municipalities and contracts will still reference the Gold Edition. There are three volumes and two supplementary documents that were published as a part of the Gold Edition. With the release of the 2019 MMCD, support for the Gold Edition has been discontinued, and supplemental updates will not be released.


MMCD Civil 3-D

We’re pleased to announce the release of MMCD Templates for AutoCad Civil 3D. MMCD commissioned APW Engineering to carry out user liaison and continuous development on behalf of MMCD. The consultation phase is complete and the initial templates have been issued. Soon, construction and record drawing examples will be produced. A common approach to municipal CAD standards should yield time and cost savings, plus comparability and consistency of data presentation.

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The development of MMCD Association Asset Management Data Repository (AMDR) schema has been a collaborative effort with input from several BC local governments. The schema incorporates infrastructure types referenced by standard MMCD Association construction documents/specifications and includes Storm Drainage, Sanitary Sewers, Water Distribution and Transportation & Electrical. This project is the first step in a continuing process required to address ongoing economic, social and safety challenges associated with our deteriorating infrastructure, and growing infrastructure deficit.


Client/Consultant Agreement

This free-to-access document is designed to minimize the need for risk taking by the consultant and provide an equitable means of resolving disputes.

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The members of the MMCDA have taken care in preparing these documents, but neither the members nor the MMCDA accepts any liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person or corporation as a result of the use of the documents. These documents are made available without representation by the MMCDA or its members as to the appropriateness of their use in any particular situation and issued on the strict understanding that each user accepts full responsibility for their use.