Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

Supplementary Document Updates

These Supplementary Updates contain amendments to both the MMCD documents to correct errors and omissions that have been brought to the attention of the MMCD Association and Documents Committee. The amendments have been prepared by the MMCD in the same manner and in the same spirit as the other MMCD documents, and the amendments are subject to the general disclaimer that applies to all MMCD documents.

Please note that supplementary updates are not automatically integrated into electronic documents. Users can elect to adopt all, some or none of the amendments in any Supplemental Update.

Before any amendment in a Supplemental Update will be included in a Tender or a Contract Document, it must be explicitly incorporated by express reference in Schedule 1 - Schedule of Contract Documents to
the Form of Agreement. When properly incorporated by reference each incorporated amendment is deemed to form part of the Contract Documents as a Supplementary General Condition, Supplementary Specification or Supplementary Detail Drawing, as appropriate.


Platinum Edition Updates

The Platinum Edition Updates are a compiliation of all supplemental updates previously applied from 2009 through 2019. Other updates will be posted as addenda on this page. Please note that the updates contained in the Platinum Edition Update booklet have all been incorporated into the 2019 MMCD.

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Gold Edition Updates

Please note that the Gold Edition is no longer available for sale, and supplementary updates are only available to 2010. To find out if an update is available for a specific section of the Gold Edition, please download the spreadsheet and search the list for the applicable section and subsection:

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The members of the MMCDA have taken care in preparing these documents, but neither the members nor the MMCDA accepts any liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person or corporation as a result of the use of the documents. These documents are made available without representation by the MMCDA or its members as to the appropriateness of their use in any particular situation and issued on the strict understanding that each user accepts full responsibility for their use.