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NEW Design Guidelines 2022 Now Available

The Design Guidelines 2022 provides a standardized set of guidelines that can be adopted by municipalities and other agencies involved with design and construction of municipal infrastructure.

The Design Guidelines 2022 are available in desktop, mobile, and server formats.

The Design Guideline Manual includes:

  • Alternative criteria relating to field conditions, climate, development standards and development density.
  • Design criteria variations that may be adopted by various agencies in the form of Supplementary Design Guidelines, which supersede the guidelines contained in this manual.
  • The contents of the manual are intended to complement MMCD Specifications and Standard Detailed Drawings.
  • The new edition includes updates to external resource links.

This manual is not intended as a substitute for sound engineering knowledge and experience. It is the designer’s responsibility to exercise professional judgment that is in the best interests of the owners and users of the infrastructure. The standards in these guidelines are provided to assist in making judgments, but should not be used as a substitute.


Where are the Green Design Guidelines?

The Green Design Guidelines were incorporated, updated and expanded in the Design Guideline Manual in 2017. and are included in the 2022 edition. Some practices and design approaches have the potential to support sustainable development at the local government level. The decision to employ these additional practices remains with the design professional. However, the Design Guidelines Sustainability Considerations explore potential factors that may influence the choice of enhanced sustainability measures in the contract documents.

Volume pricing is available on electronic editions when two or more copies are purchased at the same time. All copies must be ordered at the same time to receive this discount.

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