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MMCD 2019 Roll-out Complete with Release of Server Edition

Monday, February 1, 2021

MMCD Association Releases 2019 Edition of MMCD

The newest edition of the “construction documents of choice” is available now


The Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) Association has completed its roll-out of the MMCD 2019 Edition with the launch of the highly anticipated Server Edition. Previously published in print and as a single-user electronic document license in Fall 2020, the newest “construction documents of choice” were released as a subscription-based server edition on February 1st. For the first time, multiple users in an organization can access the documents from any device, wherever they are.

The 2019 Edition is the first full update to the MMCD in over 10 years, and is the result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work by experts in municipal infrastructure, contractors, municipal and provincial government, and consultants. The Master Municipal Construction Documents were developed by a partnership of government, consultants and contractors to provide a consistent approach to tendering and managing municipal construction projects. Widely adopted by BC local government, each unique MMCD project is tailored to local conditions, but contains a robust, simple and transparent core of contract practices that is fair to all concerned. That means straightforward administration, competitive pricing and less confusion.


MMCD 2019 Edition—the fifth release of the MMCD since 1995—incorporates technical updates, new reference specifications and detail drawings, as well as consolidating incremental changes over the past 10 years. It is available in multi-user server editions, individual desktop and mobile versions, as well as a standard printed version.


Local governments, First Nations, consultants and contractors are all eligible to become members in the non-profit MMCD Association. Membership brings deep discounts to the cost of publications and training courses, and amplifies your voice in the municipal infrastructure community. Over 350 contract administrators have taken specialized MMCD training courses, and have been awarded certification. Having a common competence in contract administration promotes succession planning, career development and labour mobility.


To learn about pricing and to buy the 2019 MMCD, visit the MMCD website at




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