Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

Introduction to MMCD


Introduction to MMCD

Introduction to MMCD

(7m 22s) Brian Weeks

Meet MMCDA course instructor, Brian Weeks, who describes the learning objectives and agenda for the following course videos. Brian also tells viewers what this course doesn't cover.

Introduction to MMCD - Part 1: Background, Applicability and Philosophy

(34m 48s) Brian Weeks

You will learn:

  • What is the MMCD and what does it apply to?
  • How and why did the MMCD get started?
  • The benefits of standardization
  • Why is the MMCD so successful?
  • 3 perspectives are better than 1
  • Front End Documents Philosophies
  • Corollories to the Six Principles
  • Consequences of the Philosophies
  • Risk Management
  • The Owner "Owns the Risk"


Introduction to MMCD - Part 2: The Documents and Their Uses

(28m 57s) Brian Weeks

Find out about:

  • MMCD Association, our courses and documents
  • Why MMCD is a Unit Price Contract and not suitable for Fixed Price Contracts
  • Contract Documents
  • The hierarchy of documents (General Condition 2.2.4)
  • Why Owner's modifications to documents should be done with extreme care - or not at all.

Introduction to MMCD - Part 3: The Players and Their Roles

(54m 26s) Brian Weeks

Brian Weeks discusses the roles and responsibilities of the major players in an MMCD project:

  • The Owner
  • The Contractor
  • The Contract Administrator (CA)
  • Inspectors
  • The Superintendent
  • Subcontractors

Introduction to MMCD - Part 4: Significant Items in the General Conditions

(48m 18s) Brian Weeks

Brian discusses significant items in the General Conditions to give viewers a flavour of how the MMCD deals with aspects of municipal construction projects, such as:

  • Change vs. Extra Work
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Dispute Steps
  • Force Account Work
  • Testing, Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Payment Process
  • Construction Schedules

Introduction to MMCD - Part 5: Wrap-up Review

(5m 21s) Brian Weeks

In this brief wrap-up video, Brian reviews the main points of the course, and offers additional resources for viewers.

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