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Boat Launch Design and Operational Considerations

(18m 39s) Presented by Charles Ramos, P.Eng., P.E.

On the west coast, many municipalities and Regional Districts construct and own boat launches as part of their municipal infrastructure, with associated ongoing maintenance costs and user input. It is critical when designing a boat launch that it be carefully examined in the planning stages before committing to construction, as there are a number of criteria that can result in either seamless, problem-free useā€¦ or the opposite.

The presentation will discuss site selection, background data to be gathered, design guidelines and standards, and the state of the industry in terms of materials and treatments for marine use. Operational discussion will highlight possible problems that can be avoided through a comprehensive planning and design process.

Doing More with Less! Lessons Learned in Water Distribution Systems Modeling

(15m 20s) Presented by Werner de Schaetzen, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Water distribution network modeling is the most effective way of predicting system behavior to help solve a variety of hydraulic capacity, operational and water quality problems. Recent improvements in data collection and modeling software have led to further benefits of water modeling. Access to real-time water demand and diurnal pattern estimations allow water utilities to go beyond metering and billing to true intelligent water modeling and management. This presentation outlines 10 lessons learned of building and calibrating detailed hydraulic and water quality models and describes the accomplishments and benefits of hydraulic and water quality models.

NBC 2015 Structural Commentary - Assessment and Upgrading of Existing Buildings

(20m 09s) Presented by Lee Rowley, P.Eng., M.I.Struct.E.,MICE.,LEEDAP, & John Sherstobitoff, P.Eng.

The intent of the presentation is to explain the guidance given in the Structural Commentary L of the 2015 National Building Code. The intent of the Commentary is to enable decision makers to develop policies that encourage seismic upgrading of existing buildings by providing varying levels of upgrading, depending on the nature of the renovation or addition.

MMCD Platinum to 2019 Edition: A Summary of Key Changes

(23m 21s) Presented by David Chan, FCE, P.Eng., M.Eng.

David Chan reviews key differences found in the MMCD 2019 Edition, the fifth release of the MMCD since 1995, and the first full update in over 10 years since the Platinum Edition. Available in print, e-book, and server format, the new documents are the result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work by experts in municipal infrastructure, contractors, municipal and provincial government, and consultants. Released in 2020, the new documents incorporate technical updates, new reference specifications and detail drawings, as well as consolidating incremental changes.

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